Video Editing

At Diva Production, Video editing is our specialty. No project is too simple or too complex. We use only the best professional Hardware and editing suite. We offer the highest quality film editing services in Egypt and US. Whether it is your home videos, your own film project, a showreel for your camera skills, Branding, or Commercials. we can provide you with affordable film editing services.

We are equiped with the proper technology. We can handle video conversions, high definition and standard definition editing. Our company edits film, video, television and web-video projects on both Final Cut Pro on the iMac ensuring we can offer a wide range of video editing solutions.

We know your project is precious, that is why we have an option for you to sit down with the video editor and go through it together. You may think this may be costly, but we’ll work together to accomodate your budget.