About Diva Productions

Diva Productions was founded in 2008.  We believed that the cinema industry had been using film as a capture and delivery format for long enough.  While we knew digital was the way forward, we realized that 1080/2k was not a strong enough medium to force such a deeply entrenched celluloid-based industry.  With the advent of the RED ONE 4k Digital Cinema Camera, we saw the future and it was 4k and beyond.  With this, in 2008 we bought our first RED ONE camera and set-out to change Egyptian Cinema.

Since that time, Diva Productions has grown into a trusted production and post-production company in Cairo and USA.  We now have invested in multiple Red Epic 5k and Red Scarlet 4k cameras and are on the list to get the new Red Epic Dragon 6k camera upgrades to our existing fleet.

We offer many services from video production, editing, color correction, and motion graphics.